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Biological Records
Why and How
Collecting biological records is essential to enable us to understand the biodiversity of Staffordshire.
Much of these records are collected by organised surveys, however, a significant proportion are supplied by the general public. Isolated records may not seem very useful, but when they are all brought together in the Local Environmental Records Centre (LERC), they build up a detailed picture of the county.
The essentials for biological records:
  • What - the name of the species
  • Where - the location, preferably including the grid reference
  • Who - the recorder and determiner, if these are defferent
  • When - the date of the sighting

This information is then used to inform the BAP process and via the LRC interactive distribution maps are available Staffordshire Ecological Record, Online Atlases.

If you wish to send in any records to the LRC please visit the Staffordshire Ecological Record page, where details of the information needed are included. 
Tachina grossa (Copyright Andy Jukes)