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Why is biodiversity important?
Biodiversity forms an integral part of our everyday lives. It needs to be respected, valued and protected for its intrinsic value and because of its underlying links with our own socio-economic needs and sustainable development. Without halting the loss of biodiversity and developing ecological practices that involve broad cross-sector partnerships and public involvement, the number of habitats, species and resulting functioning ecosystems will continue to be lost and severely threaten natural environment in which we all depend.
From now on, biodiversity needs to be entrenched into every aspect of national, regional and local social, economic and environmental agendas. We need to ensure that everyone understands the importance of the environment in providing them with essential services (know as ‘ecosystem services’) such as food, clean water, flood alleviation and overall good health so that we can work together and work towards a more environmentally friendly, and healthier, future.
Why do we need a Biodiversity Action Plan?
Across the UK, increasing anthropogenic demands on our environment have led to a significant decline in biodiversity. Staffordshire is no exception and has suffered huge losses of habitats and species through the increasing pressures of urban development and post-war agricultural intensification. This is of particular concern because Staffordshire is rich in biodiversity and supports a wide range of both nationally and internationally protected species. Due to its location within the UK, Staffordshire contains many species at the northern or southern edge of their distributions making them especially sensitive to environmental change.
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