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Ecosystem Action Plans

Working at a landscape level, or ecosystems approach, the Staffordshire Biodiversity Action Plan (SBAP) focuses conservation efforts on the areas within the county that will result in the greatest benefit for ecological networks, habitats and species. By integrating biodiversity objectives with other environmental, social and economic needs, the SBAP aims to provide a sustainable living and working environment that benefits both people and nature.

By replacing Habitat and Species Action Plans with 14 "Ecosystem Action Plans" (EAPs) and one Rivers Action Plan, the SBAP aims to prioritise conservation management at a landscape level and contribute to local, regional and national conservation targets.


How the SBAP should be used

The interactive map shows how the county has been split up into the different EAPs - you can click on any area to identify priority habitats and species.

Alternatively, click on any of the following links to go directly to the individual EAPs.

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